Family Cafe & Pizzeria

Mona Pizza! is a beloved pizzeria in the heart of downtown, blending classic Canadian flavors with a contemporary twist. Since its establishment in 2001, this family-owned business has delighted customers for over 18 years.

The Happiest Thing to tell about Mona Pizza Is long serving hours on Thrusday, Friday, Saturday And Sunday, It Has Finest quality Ingredients and unique, premium toppings.

Rooted in tradition, we have perfected the classics and also offer an array of distinctive original Desserts , Each and every Dessert is a labor of love and our commitment to excellence is evident in every bite.

We are Proud To say That Mona Pizza is Unique in every way whether it is in terms of tasty Dough or Diffrent and BEST Food Quality .We use High Quality Mozzarella Cheese and Fresh and High Grade Vegies and Meat .

Satisfy your hunger effortlessly with Mona Pizza’s convenient online ordering. Enjoy the ease of placing your order with just a few clicks.

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